Mother's Helpers A Mentoring Company
7301 Downman Road
New Orleans, LA 70126

School/Community Partnership

The Advantages of a Community Based Organization
We have an open door policy.  As stated on the decal on the door of our center, "Here to Answer the Call to the Village People."  We beleive that we must provide evidence of a community in tact.  What better way to do so, than to become apart of the community.  We are solution driven!  We understand that we need to form a cooalition of like-minded organizations and together we can produce productive citizens.  We are always looking for volunteers who want to be apart of the solution too.  Together, we are bound to succeed. 

Weekly Mentoring Sessions
We provide intense mentoring sessions for at-risk youth.  We address academics as well as participate in dialogue and goal setting sessions.  Guest speakers are invited on occasion to offer life skills and to engage in presentations that will effect daily life for a typical at risk youth.

Mother's Helpers has proposed to be an alternative to out of school suspensions.  We are available to meet with students for 1-5 sessions as opposed to out of school days.  If students do not pose an immediate danger to his/herself, then they should not lose the instructional learning time.  Mother's Helpers will have dialogue with school counselors to address individual needs. We celebrate when we are invited to graduations.  We feel that this is one step closer to a bright future.  Once you are a member of Mother's Helpers, we are there with you through it all.  A true support system. 

Sarah T. Reed Elementary Dr. Seuss Day

Executive Director, Jerrelda Drummer Sanders and Mentor, Stanley J. Schofield
Fredrick Douglas High School Orientation and School Supply Giveaway

Executive Director, Jerrelda Drummer Sanders
Defining Beauty Mentoring Workshop

        Craig Elementary School Career Day

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