Mother's Helpers A Mentoring Company
7301 Downman Road
New Orleans, LA 70126

How Can You Help?

Mother's Helpers is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization.  We welcome partnerships to help us continue our service to our children and the community. You can help by...

Becoming a  volunteer

If you are willing to commit 30-60 hours per year, we are willing to recognize you for doing so. 

Become a member
Membership with Mother's Helpers will afford you the opportunity to participate in community service activities and special projects.  Membership is $97 per year or $8 per month.  Participation will grant you letters of recommendation and/or hours for credit. 

Become a sponsor today:
  • Platinum $2500.00 & Up                               
  • Gold $1500.00 & Up
  • Silver $1000.00 and up  
  • Bronze $500  


    All proceeds will benefit Mother's Helpers and allow the organization to continue to provide services to high-needs children, youth, and young adults ages 0-21 years of age and their families.






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